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The objective of this Research Promotion Fund is to provide a grant-in-aid to the most outstanding researcher in the world, regardless of his/her country of origin, thus promoting superior research into cerebrovascular disorders.

As is widely known, cerebrovascular disorders and cancer are the two principal causes of death in Japan. Social interest in cancer research has grown, leading to a rise in the number of researchers undertaking studies of this disease. Comparatively speaking, work on cerebrovascular disorders has been somewhat overlooked. Research on cerebrovascular disorders must necessarily entail the examination of complex issues related to each and every area - including the etiology, prophylaxis, modes of therapy and patients' social rehabilitation. Thus, research on each topic within the field, including basic, clinical and sociomedical aspects, can be very demanding.

The Consignor of this Charitable Trust Fund, the late Hiroshi Mihara, M.D., who established the Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Foundation, as well as the affiliated Mihara Memorial Hospital, made great efforts throughout his professional life to study the etiology, diagnosis, therapy, social rehabilitation and other issues related to cerebrovascular disorders. However, it is naturally beyond the capabilities of any single research institute to conduct comprehensive research into all these areas. Dr. Hiroshi Mihara felt the need to promote the training of talented researchers, both in Japan and abroad, in order to expand the scope of studies on these diseases. He therefore began to offer grants to individuals engaged in specialized research.

The Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Promotion Fund, a Charitable Trust Fund, was established in the dual hope of promoting research and of contributing to the development of medical science and thereby to improve human welfare in general.

Charitable Trust Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder
Research Promotion Fund
Established in April 1981
by the late Hiroshi Mihara, M.D

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