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Greeting from the Chairman

Greeting from the Chairman

The Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Promotion Fund, Charitable Trust, was established in 1981 by the will of late Hiroshi Mihara, MD, in an urgent need for establishing and promoting basic and clinical studies of cerebrovascular disorders in Japan. The Mihara Award provides research grants to the researchers at home and abroad, engaged in their own respective research fields relating to cerebrovascular disorders, in an anticipation of further progress in medical sciences and human welfare.

Doctor Haruyuki Kanaya, Professor Emeritus of Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, resigned as the chairman of the Steering Committee in February 2011, and I have taken this important task as the new chairman. Dr. Kanaya has devotedly followed the wishes of the late Dr. Mihara that the underlying principle of the Mihara Award has always been whether the researches had the potential, regardless of basic or clinical, to serve and contribute either directly or indirectly to the advancement of efficacious prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders. I should like to succeed his principle in the management of the Steering Committee as the chairman.

Researches, including the Nobel Prize winning researches, nowadays tend to have greater focus on producing outcome that directly contributes to the society, in a way or another, rather than the relevant effects they may have on other studies. I will do my best to carry out our committee activities, including the selection, so that all researches, although they may be regarded basic but with the potential of benefiting the well-being of the cerebrovascular patients will go under thorough reviewing.

I would like to thank Dr. Kanaya for his long-time commitments and contribution that he has given to the management of the Mihara Fund, and ask for your continuous support in the years to come.


Fumio Gotoh,
Chairman of the Mihara Cerebrovascular Disorder Research Promotion Fund

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